It’s true – teams that celebrate together tend to have higher levels of engagement and performance. In fact, 81% of employees report that they feel more valued and 77% report feeling more engaged when celebrations are successfully delivered at work.

Improve employee engagement at work through celebration

We recently looked at 6 ideas for improving how you celebrate at work: Click here for suggestions on when, why and how to celebrate at work.

Celebrating can become a challenge, however, when your workforce is spread around the globe – or even just around town. Celebrating consists of 3 things: keeping score, sharing the score, and celebrating together – and technology can help you do all of these better. Gere are 5 technologies that can bring teams closer together through workplace celebrations.

1. Microsoft Excel

Employee engagement statistics from The Social Workplace indicate that 84% of manager’s don’t know how to measure performance. And in another study by Gartner, only 31% of managers are identified as having any dashboards at all. We often tend to over-complicate things in the digital age. So if you’re not tracking or sharing the score yet, start simple with Excel.

2. Gamification

Have you ever looked at the number of “likes” one of your social posts has received? Then you’ve experienced a form of gamification.

Fantasy Sales Team - Gamify your business to improve employee engagement

Gamification can track anything including core metrics (revenue, gross profit, etc), standard key performance indicators (customer satisfaction, pipeline value, etc), or something unique to your team (new blogs posted, calls made to prospects, social likes, etc). The larger the business, the more metrics you’re likely to track. Think of it this way: little leagues track very little, minor leagues track a lot more, and major leagues track a staggering number of statistics. Which league is your business playing in?

Some examples of gamification technology include: Badgeville (CallidusCloud), and Fantasy Sales Team (Microsoft).

3. Enterprise Social

Enterprise social tools are similar to Facebook or Twitter, but they focus on internal social – sharing knowledge between employees in a more efficient and productive manner. Social groups can be created around specific goals, updates can be shared through posts and updates, and ideas for improving the score can be discussed. Teams can also share their celebration moments.

Facebook for Business, Chatter (Salesforce), and Yammer (Microsoft) are all examples of enterprise social collaboration tools.

4. Video Conferencing

When leaders and employees can’t connect in person, video is the best alternative. Sharing the score, praising teams, having open Q&A sessions, and sharing celebrations with each other via video, are all great ways to engage and celebrate with the team.

Video for better employee engagement

Video conferencing solutions include: Google Hangouts, Skype for Business (Microsoft), WebEx (Cisco) and GotoMeeting (Citrix).

5. Intranet

Nothing beats a good intranet for sharing information. The best solutions on the market today make it easy to define goals, share the score, collaborate in improving, and share in the celebration (click here to read about the basic benefits of an intranet). A decent intranet is a necessity in almost any business, and it’s almost impossible to live without one if you have more than one office.

Business intelligence (BI) intranet to improve employee engagement

Some examples of intranet tools: SharePoint (Microsoft), sitecore, Web Center (Oracle) and Salesforce.

What about you? How are you using technology to create a culture of celebration?

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