Everything in business and in life starts and ends with people. The LUCK Principle brings this to life through a story that is as inspiring as it is actionable. Whether for business or private life, LUCK is all you need.

– Denyse Drummond-Dunn, Author, Winning Customer Centricity

Business is about people. This book will transform your people strategy. Buy it, apply it, and pass it on to your CMO, CIO and HR Director.

– Chris Elmore, Author, The Argument to Automate

Simple, memorable, and powerful, The LUCK Principle will help any organization embrace their humanity in ways that improve performance both inside and out. We could all stand to have a little more LUCK in our lives.

– Jeff Rohrs, Author, Audience

Ables has tackled one of the biggest challenges facing businesses this century - keeping people at the center of an increasingly digital world - and delivered the answers that executives are searching for.

– Michael Gentle, Author, The CRM Project Management Handbook

Finally, an intelligent treatment of business relationships. Establishing and nurturing relationships is a process that can (and must!) be measured, and thereby continuously improved. Geoff nailed it!

– Todd Youngblood, Author, Think About It…

The LUCK Principle provides a clear roadmap for transitioning into a 1:1 digital workplace. Beyond being a book for better relationships in business, it is a book for better relationships in life.

– Jim Marous, Owner of the Digital Banking Report

The LUCK Principle contains new insight into timeless truths about relationships in business and in life. Ables delivers this in the format of an incredibly useful story that anyone can relate to.

– Stephen Montague, President and COO, Midrex Technologies

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